Nobody appreciates driving in the dark with two bright headlights blinding them. Not only is it annoying, but it can seriously impair your driving ability. That's where an auto-dimming mirror comes in. These mirrors use what's called electrochromism and darken themselves whenever they sense light.

Typically, auto-dimming mirrors have a couple of sensors, which detect glare from another car's headlights and send a charge through the mirror using a special gel. The gel, which is housed between the two layers of glass that make up your mirror, reacts and causes the mirror to turn darker. The gel works to limit the amount of light that the car behind you can shine into your eyes.

Since gaining popularity in the 1980s, auto-dimming mirrors have become quite standard in many vehicles. Next time you're cruising around in your car at night, check your mirrors to see if your car is equipped with auto-dimming features.



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