As you could imagine, the importance of the fuel system is crucial to the health of your vehicle. Although sometimes a fuel problem can be a bit tricky to track down, here are a few different warning signs that you may have a bad fuel pump, filter, or other fuel system component.

Car Cranks But Doesn’t Start
When you first turn your key to position one, you should hear your fuel pump start-up. A classic fuel pump issue is when the car simply just doesn’t start.

Engine Sputters While At High Speeds
Engine sputtering is a telltale sign that you could have an issue with your fuel system.

Hesitant Start
If your car takes too long to start, it could be a fuel pump problem.

If you believe you are having fuel problems, bring your car to Spradley Barr Lincoln Fort Collins where we can easily track down the issue and help you get back on the road driving confidently once again.



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